The faculty at our school is made up of professional, warm, caring individuals, whom have come together to care for and educate your children. Our faculty is staffed by Early Childhood Professionals and highly trained assistants.

Our programs are innovative, creative and comprehensive. The curriculum includes instruction in reading readiness, literacy, language arts, writing, mathematics, social studies, science, health awareness, art, physical education, information technology, cooking, foreign language, and free play activities. Free play activities promote the development of social interaction, thinking and reasoning skills as well as being responsible for decision making.

The warm, nurturing, environment provides an atmosphere of comfort and security, where each child is supported, supervised and encouraged to develop their social skills, grow through new experiences, and develop self-esteem.

The methods of teaching in all of our programs include meaningful learning, reception learning and discovery learning. The curriculum is responsive to variables in cognitive structure, social development, intellectual ability and motivation. Each program is overseen by our Educational Director and follows the standards set forth by the New York State Department of Education. Teachers take into consideration the overall requirements of the children when forming lesson plans and the individual attention needed to promote the growth of each child.

We believe in the unity of home and school, parents and teachers working together toward a common goal: the educational, social and emotional development of each child. Teachers communicate with parents through our monthly newsletter, a calendar of events, the Parents’ Place bulletin board, daily reports and individual updates. Parents are welcome to observe their child at anytime and are encouraged to participate at school events throughout the year.